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Soaps 1

This is a reproduction from The Joplin Globe, Nov. 18, 1974
Ruth had cut it out and circled the post. It read:

Attached is a recipe given to my mother during World war II for soap. We used it then and I wish I had some now! This soap is white and not harsh as one might think from the lye and borax.

White soap-

2 1/2 quarts. grease (10 cups)
2 1/2 quarts. water or more

Cook these two ingredients in crock or enamel pan, (no chips)
Add 1 can lye slowly and hold down close to the water.(this used to be a 10 cent can of Lewis lye). I almost think you have to order lye online now.
Stir occasionally (do not splash, it can cause severe burns).
Let cool to lukewarm then add grease,pour in slowly down the inside of pan. (My Aunt always melted and cooled the grease, which was meat grease melted and strained. Then add 1/2 cup husehold ammonia and 4 rounded Tablespoons borax. Beat or stir occasionally. When thick pour out into box lined with old cloth cut in pieces. This soap is especially good in soft water.
The 10 cups of grease is a 2 pound coffee can level full.

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